My adventures hunting for exotic fabrics in souks, bazaars and markets, talking with the people who weave,
dye, sew and embroider them, deepened my passion for Asian art and textiles.  Captivated by the ancient beauty, myths and symbols of Asia, I found a way of expressing this love by creating one-of-a-kind
quilts and wearable art, many now adapted in my line of patterns, unique classes and lectures. 
Follow my journey..... June Colburn


  • Patterns for quilts, clothing, purses & bags
  • Home accent/accessory patterns
  • One-of-a-kind quilts & wearable art boutique
  • Unique home décor-custom orders accepted
  • Surface design patterns & supplies
  • Kimono, kimono fabrics & kits
  • Asian Bazaar--one-of-a-kind finds, from jewelry to antiques!


  • Look for Mandarin Duet-
    June's latest pieced & appliquéd quilt design, a quietly evocative pond scene
  • Up-dated samples of classic Bamboo Bag- showcase bold prints and panels.  The revised guide sheet eliminated batting, replacing it with heavy-weight fusible interfacing.

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       Designer June Colburn brings the magic and mystique of Asian imagery to quilters, sewers, surface design artists, decorators and fans around the world.  Her designs speak of her love and respect for the ancient cultures of the East that developed rich symbolic traditions to describe the wonders of earth and sky.  From the lively grace of colorful koi to the whisper of wind in a stand of swaying bamboo, many of June's motifs celebrate the bounty and beauty of life on earth.  Others, such as the powerful dragon express an age-old awe for forces in the universe beyond human understanding. 

     Asian material culture owes much to the lowly silk worm that spawned millennia of trade and decorative art.  June is fascinated by silk fabric in all its glorious forms.  She cherishes her collection of Japanese kimono and obi, which often inspire the motifs and color stories in her designs.  She uses new and vintage silk fabric to create quilts, clothing, and home accessories, some of which can be seen and purchased on this site.

      Traditional Asian clothing provides a treasure trove of ideas for modern wear.  June's Kyoto Jacket and Sushi Wrap designs introduce convenient multi-sized tissue patterns for everyone who loves the look of Japanese kimono styles.  The Asian Quarters Coat and Jacket, with its unique and versatile silhouette, references Chinese robes.  June's work with the Simplicity Pattern Company has allowed her to bring the kimono and other favorite garments to an even wider sewing audience.
     June shares her passion for Asian art and design by teaching, lecturing and exhibiting across the United States as well as around the world.  



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