Lectures, seminars and hands-on classes are offered to guilds, shops, women's clubs and other organizations
as well as private students and groups.  Classes to include sewing, quilting and surface design.

 LECTURES (1½ hours each)

Take a fascinating journey--via trunk show--to an exotic land where people wore silk and developed their national dress into an art form.  Learn who wore what, for which occasions, how they put kimono on, how much they cost.  Garments and history combined with delightful anecdotes bring a lost world to life.  If you enjoyed reading Memoirs of a Geisha, you'll love this lecture!

Many of us are attracted to Japanese designs without really knowing why.  There are some definite principles which combine to create the serenity we recognize but don't know how to create.  Learn some easy steps to designing in the Asian style.  View many ways vintage kimono have provided June with both design ideas and fabric.  Each design principle is illustrated with quilts/garments--a feast for the eyes!

Enjoy the artistry of Japanese embroiderers and their mastery of technique. Wonder at the beauty of the early 20th century silk obi featured in June’s collection of MUSEUM-QUALITY vintage textiles.  Learn about the motifs and their symbolism.  Trunk show of embroidery in obi, kimono, kimono accessories and fukusa, formal wrapping cloths for marriage gifts. Splendid color and design inspiration!

From royal robes to one of our hottest textile trends, hand-dyed wax-resist batiks have an alluring past and an exciting future.  Learn more about the importance of these wonderful fabrics in Balinese culture, learn how expert dyers create their effects, and see examples of traditional sarongs and contemporary batiks used in wearable art, quilts, and more.  This trunk show is illustrated with fabrics, quilts and garments.

Timeless, enduring, tribal, and now fashionable—indigo dye spans millennia, continents, cultures…. We see it daily in America’s most popular clothing.  Denim jeans, jackets, shirts and skirts are worn by almost everyone; however, there is much more to indigo-dyed fabric than blue jeans!  Trunk show includes examples of Japanese silk shibori, Indonesian and Japanese cotton kasuri (ikat), and traditional Malaysian and Japanese cotton batiks.  June shows how she is translating contemporary Japanese-style hand-woven cotton kasuri into wearable art clothing, bags and home accessories.  A delight in blue-an-white!  Design ideas for everyone!

Silk making is one of man’s great cultural achievements--its history is more than 4,000 years old!  Follow the biological steps from moth to hatching eggs to cocoon; then follow the process, from harvesting to washing, unraveling, spinning and weaving.  Handle samples of cocoons, raw silk, spun and unspun silk fiber, silk batting and various types of silk fabric.  Knowledge is power!  Cut and sew silk without fear!   

Go beyond the basics of machine embroidery techniques to open a world of creative possibility.  You can take your stitchery from ordinary to memorable by learning the art of choosing interesting fabrics to compliment the designs.  Trunk show of home décor samples includes a quilt, pillows, placemats, a table runner and towels.  Some design ideas for clothing and bags, too!  Tips, tricks, IDEAS for everyone!

Once you find the perfect pattern--good lines, great fit, classic style--you can use it again and again in many creative ways.  June will show you five variations of her reversible ASIAN QUARTERS Coat and Jacket, ranging from very conservative to gloriously decorative!  See what happens with a curve here, a cuff there and creative use of fabric everywhere!  Put the “wearable” into your wearable art.

Tote and purse patterns are everywhere!  How do you choose one or several, that you can use over and over again and make each version unique?  June illustrates easy ways to “go beyond the pattern” by changing fabrics, trims, techniques, even sizes!  Watch the transformations in her idea-filled trunk show of samples—magically, whole-cloth becomes pieced, appliquéd, or embellished; a modest tote bag becomes a silk purse or an airline carry-all; Asian morphs into country and contemporary!  Fun for every woman who just wants a useful bag that doesn’t look like everyone elses’!

FASHION PRESENTATIONS (30-90 minutes each)

CONCEPT-TO-COMPLETION--Creating a garment for the Bernina Fashion Show
How does a professional designer create one of the glorious garments featured in the Bernina Fashion Show?  Retrace June's journey on the road from imagination to runway.  Sketches, fabrics, notions, techniques--and the finished product!

FROM QUILT TO GARMENT--Embellishing Clothes with Quilt Designs
Take a fresh look at patchwork and appliqué patterns you may already own.  How do you decide which ones will work into great garment embellishments?  June will share several quilt-to-clothes designs in this trunk show of unusual wearables.  Learn how to put "art" into wearable art, without forgetting it should be WEARABLE!  Bring one pattern you'd like advice about to share with the group.  Trunk show.

BATIK-ON-THE-GO Travel Wardrobe
Mix-and-match batiks in three weights--cotton broadcloth, rayon, and the newest, cotton blacu (pronounced blah-choo)--combined with simple, stylish patterns, create a convenient, comfortable travel wardrobe.  June's ASIAN QUARTERS Coat and ORIENTAL FAN Vest and some basic commercial patterns are layered for many day and day-into-evening looks!  Trunk show


COLOR SENSE--Defining Great Color Schemes (All skill levels)
Clothing, home décor and more!  Color is all around us and we need to know how to use it well—to coordinate, contrast, blend and dazzle.  Learn the terms, practice the principles as you work with dozens of fabric swatches to create a notebook you will refer to for years to come!  The trunk show of garments, quilts and home accessories illustrates each subject.  Everyone can succeed at color coordination—end the mystery and start the mastery!  Kit Fee.  3-4 hours

For centuries the Japanese have perfected methods to create fine textiles. 
-Session 1, explore the weavers’ art by examining pieces of obi brocade, kimono gauze weaves, kasuri, and many others. 
-Session 2, learn about artful dyeing techniques, such as Yuzen  and shibori, and how they were achieved; samples of fabrics and kimono illustrate each type. 
-Session 3, examine the final layer--embellishment, including gold and silver leaf, silk and metallic embroidery by hand and/or by machine, and the contemporary use of flocking, heat fusing and even attaching rhinestones!

A textile anthropologist at heart, June is a great teller of stories, especially those woven and dyed into Japanese textiles.  Learn about the mysterious Ho-o, or phoenix, sipping the elixir of immortality; the dragon with body parts from seven different animals; the crane and tortoise and how they are related to pine trees.  Plants provide important symbols, too--the graceful bamboo, stunning chrysanthemum, regal paulonia all feature in fabrics to express the wearer’s taste, sensitivity, and aspirations. 1½ hours



Learn everything you need to know to create imaginative art quilt and wearable art designs using raw-edge machine zig-zag appliqué:  techniques, fabrics, products to make the process fun and easy (really)!  June will surprise you with a fabulous fabric kit for an 18” x 22” project suitable for framing, making into a quilt, totebag, or vest/jacket panel.  Fabric kit. 3 hours-design only; 6 hours-design & sewing

Develop skill in working with color as you create a Foo Lion, the traditional guardian of Asian temples and palaces.  Learn to "fussy" cut large-scale prints to imitate flowing lines.  Master the techniques of raw-edge appliqué, decorative thread couching, and free-motion quilting.  Use one 15"W x 20"H Foo Lion, cords, and tassels to decorate a wall hanging or embellish a garment, or add another to create the full 32"W x 50"H wall quilt. 6 hours-design only; 12 hours-design & sewing

Appliqué a riot of ribbons adapted from a traditional Japanese motif called noshi.  The gentle curves are easy to sew in either turn-under or raw-edge appliqué technique.  From Japanese to Victorian, country to contemporary, Christmas to the 4th of July, you can select the style you'd like to express.  Design a central collage of flowers, fish, or butterflies in the broderie perse style.  Wall quilt, 34" square.  (This design is also suitable for wearable embellishment!)  6 hours-design only; 12 hours-design & sewing

COLOR the dragon in your universe!  Learn how to create a rainbow of scales using the subtle shadings in hand-dyed or batik fabrics.  Experiment with a design technique perfected by Japanese dyers--without any dyeing!  See how quilting with contrasting thread adds definition and embellishing creates depth.  Wall quilt, 35" square.  Much easier than it looks--let June show you how!  Fabric kits on request.  6 hours-design only; 12 hours-design & sewing


Learn the technique used by many patchwork experts to create perfect points that always match!  This method gives you precision rather than speed.  The results are fantastic!  Choose one block from among several June has designed:
            -GINGER JAR--a traditional favorite for dining room or kitchen
            -KIMONO, TOO--classic kimono shape and a rice paddy worker in a straw hat
            -CHEZ KOI--gently swimming koi, embellished with quilted "ripples" (intermediate level)
            -SCATTERED SHOWERS—colorful umbrellas and splashing appliquéd raindrops
Optional kits. 3 hours or 6 hours

Learn both paper and muslin foundation piecing; work with velvet and other specialty fabrics, make your own piping, appliqué, and embellish using decorative threads--while you create a charming decorative pillow sure to please all cat lovers!  A great way to decorate for the holidays--make cats for all seasons!   Use June's BALI CATS pattern, and lots of imagination!  14"H x 12"W   Optional kits - 6 hours

Beginning piecers will love the BALI MATS placemat design--it's easy and versatile!  Learn how to mark the muslin, rotary cut the fabric, sew-and-flip the pieces, and finish the placemat.  Use batiks or prints to match your kitchen/dining decor, or holiday themed fabrics.
            -BALI MATS                          
            -MONARCHY MATS – combining appliqué with piecing
            -BALI CAT- cat shaped pillow adding zig-zag appliquéd details
Optional kits. 3 hours or 6 hours                                                   


A real coat for your real life!  This one is easy, stylish, and versatile.  It's a reversible travel coat--one side is plain for traveling, the reverse is as elaborate as you'd like to make it (for partying once you get there!).  The vaguely Chinese silhouette features asymmetrical fronts, side slits, piped or bound edges and patch pockets.  Design techniques include:  sewing on a muslin foundation, fabric collage, free-motion quilting.
Sizes XS (36") to XL (53") 6-12 hours-design only; 18 hours-design & sewing

KOYOTO JACKET - "Simply Quilts", program #617
Japanese women (including geisha) often wear a haori (jacket) over their kimono.  Now you can create a fun ethnic garment you will really wear!  June's KYOTO JACKET pattern (full-sized tissue) in sizes XS (32") to XL (54"), includes both the traditional sleeve and a more casual one.  Fabulous made from whole cloth silk, cotton, or rayon hand dyes or prints, or design a piece of wearable art with patchwork, appliqué and embellishment techniques!   Enjoy June’s trunk show of authentic and wearable art haori.  6 hours-design only; 12 hours-design & sewing

Wrap yourself in the most flattering jacket ever!  The soft, double-breasted style is typically Japanese and very feminine.  June's SUSHI WRAP pattern gives you both the curving kimono sleeve of the inspiration garment and a cap-sleeved vest version. Make it in soft, drapable fabrics such as silk, rayon and light-weight, wools, or firmer cotton, linen, velvet, and hemp.  Sizes XS (32") to XL (54"). 6 hours-design only; 12 hours-design & sewing

MADAME BUTTERFLY'S SHAWL Quilting Q'trly, Quilter's Gallery, 1998, p. 6; N. Q. A., fall 1999, p. 41.
Looking for a UNIQUE idea for a wearable or quilt? -- This shawl is butterfly-shaped!  Students learn several techniques: the wings are large wedges of fabric, sewn on paper foundations, then embellished with faux chenille, piping, and couched thread.  Recommended for large-scale prints and solids in silk, rayon, wool challis, or cotton.  One size fits all.  This pattern is an exclusive--available only to students! 
6 hours-design only; 12 hours-design & sewing

SENSATIONAL VEST--Sew News Magazine, December, 1998, p. 62
Create a very flattering vest easily by piecing on a muslin foundation!  June will help you fit your muslin and design a unique garment.  Learn the basics of working with the bold scale Japanese prints in your stash, try an interesting color combination, plan some embellishment, too.  June's "Oriental Fan" Vest looks great in cotton, silk, or rayon-- you'll want to make more than one!  Pattern sizes S-XL.  Kits available. 6 hours

Carry your stuff in style!  June's sophisticated tote can be strip-pieced or appliquéd in a day-- using contemporary, Oriental or drapery cottons, batiks, or hand-dyes.  Pre-finished bamboo handles and a wooden base give shape to the 13 ¾" high x 15" wide x 5" deep bag.
Kits for handles/base; Fabric kits on request.
6 hours


From bridal gowns to belly dance scarves, tutus to t-shirts, BEADS create the shimmering surfaces on contemporary wearable art, art quilts, even home accessories.  Learn hand beading basics--the best needles, thread and stitches, so your beads NEVER fall off!  Explore principles of design and color as you practice beading a small silk screened butterfly suitable for finishing as a bag or pillow or adding to a crazy quilt or garment.  June’s trunk show of beaded garments will give you lots of ideas for future projects. Kit Fee. 3 hours--hand work, all skill levels.  

Experience the fun of creating your own fabrics!  The process is easy using Colorhue instant-set dyes for silk, rayon, linen and wool (sorry, not for cotton).  Try dyeing white fabrics and over-dyeing colored fabrics.  Experiment with simple shibori (tie dye) techniques to create dyed patterns.  Use your skills to color a silk scarf or blouse.  Add drops of dye to shaving cream and learn how to brush it through a silk screen to create a print; practice on sample fabrics before adding silk screen to your project.  Take home a finished scarf and enough samples to make a small bag, garment panel, or art quilt. Kit fee. 3 or 6 hour.                                                                

DYE—BY THE YARD! (All skill levels)
Explore the fascinating art of fabric design!  Begin with one yard (or two half yards/four fat quarters) of dyed, patterned silk for your next art quilt or garment project!  Choose your own colors; develop a design based on guidelines for geometric, repeat and border design; use multiple techniques—immersion, shibori, brush, silk screen, stencil—to layer colors and patterns.  The unforeseen element of surprise adds to your creative fun.  June’s textile trunk show is full of ideas; bring your camera!  Kit Fee. 3 or 6 hours                                       

DESIGNING FABRIC WITH DISCHARGE (Fascinating fun for everyone)
Exciting news in the world of surface design—a non-toxic discharge paste that is activated by heat and stopped by washing in soap and water!  No runny bleach, no vinegar, no noxious chemicals or fumes!  Come and experience the fun of designing fabric with DeColourant.  It’s easy to apply through stencils, silk screens, rubber stamps and hand painting to achieve exciting effects.  The most striking of all—apply pre-colored paste, which removes the original dye while replacing it with a new color!  Experiment with multiple techniques on a variety of print and plain cotton, rayon and silk fabrics as you build a library of samples.  Take home 9” square samples as references or use them in projects.  Kit Fee. 3 or 6 hours

THE DYE-ABLE WARDROBE (all skill levels)
From thrift shop find to one-of-a-kind! Turn a bland silk blouse into a wardrobe wonder by over-dyeing and silk-screening it.  Trunk show of blouses, jackets and scarves will inspire you to revive old clothes by giving them a new look.  Bring a silk blouse to over-dye and embellish with silk screened motifs and some smaller items such as a silk or rayon scarf, shawl or fabric purse to update. 
Vintage haori (kimono jacket) blanks available.  Kit Fee. 3 hour class

TEXTILE TREASURES—Piece it! Stamp It! Bead It!
Create an exciting wardrobe accessory or decorative table runner from pieces of silk!  Learn how to “tame” unruly fabrics as you piece together an 11” X 60” scarf.  Develop embellishment skills by silk screening motifs onto your scarf with dye or discharge paste.  Practice your beading techniques by adding some sparkle, and complete your creation by sewing pockets into the linings.  Wear it over everything from plain blouses to wool coats!  Or, “dress up” your table!  Silk screens and fabric kits available.  Kit fee.  6 hour class

For centuries Asian artists have signed their work with seals carved from stone or ivory. The strikingly graphic vermillion “signatures” add a wonderful accent to their art.  Learn how to develop a chop from your name, nickname, or business name and use it to sign your clothing, quilt, and surface design work.  It’s original and fun! Kit Fee.  1-1½ hours           

LIFE ON A CORAL REEF; designing without a pattern
This appliqué class developed especially for quilters in Florida!  Surrounded as we are by the ocean and Gulf waters, this art quilt is a celebration of sea life.  Learn how to create a surprisingly vivid picture of a coral reef by fussy cutting and layering fish and plant prints with batiks.  Learn how to choose a suitable background fabric, position the elements asymmetrically, and create “depth” in the water.  By pre-cutting some of the motifs before class, students will have more time to be artistic! The project can be fused, then finished by machine zig-zaging around the raw edges. Swimming, anyone?
NOTE: Suitable for a multi-day retreat class.
6 hours-design; 12 hours-design & appliqué - KIT for 18”x22”
3 or 4 day retreat-design, appliqué & quilt - KIT for 36”x44”

 For specific information regarding teaching and kit fees, write to:june@junecolburn.com


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